Never The Less is an ever growing collective of over 100 women and allies in advertising committed to using our craft to market the resistance. We stand for truth, empathy, human rights, diversity and resistance.

Our First Meeting

Our First Meeting

Our Idea

What started out as a lunch conversation shortly after the 2016 election, turned into a small group of activists meeting to discuss how we were each affected by the Conservative GOP agenda and what we could do about it. From Women’s rights, to LGBTQ rights, to immigration, to climate change, criminal justice reform, to taking back congress, we began creating messaging that speaks to people across the aisle and outside of our own bubble, as we are uniquely trained to do. As marketers, we have the ability to create action through powerful storytelling. We know how to give a human face to an abstract issue. We can develop tools that make people’s lives easier.


We are now represented by almost every segment of the marketing and advertising industry. From producers to creatives to media mavens to editors, directors, and designers, to brand managers to strategists. We are the new and the experienced female voices of advertising. Necessary because never should anyone be the less considered, the less protected, the less important and the less supported.

“Resistance plus persistence equals progress.”

— Hillary Rodham Clinton

They have told us to sit down.

Nevertheless, we have remained standing, even marched, and will run.

They have distorted the truth.

Nevertheless, our message is truth and we know how to amplify it.

They are legislating our rights away.

Nevertheless, we are the majority.

They have normalized misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia.

Nevertheless, we believe in equality and create work that celebrates it.

They have tried to control us.

Nevertheless, 2018 is right around the corner.

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Our Partners

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We are an inclusive group and partner with like the minded people, groups, or brands that want our support to market the resistance.

Planned Parenthood
Swing Left
Run For Something
Raising Women’s Voices
Wolf Olins
Cutters Studio
Park Pictures


Our Activists


Founders Kathrin Lausch and Kerry Keenan. Click on the link below to see the full list of fantastic volunteer activists. 

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